Family Resource Guide


To provide our family members and visitors with useful information regarding the care of their loved one.

Daily Care Routines:
The Director of Nursing and the nurse supervisors of each shift coordinates the daily care for each of our residents such as bathing, dressing, grooming and incontinence care.  Daily care varies depending on the residents needs.

Provided Ancillary Services:
Podiatry Care is provided every other month/ the first Thursday of the month with Dr. Kibrom Asrat.  Dental Care services provided through Mobile Elite Dental, available upon request or resident can consult with their own dentist. *Family member arranges services through nursing or social services and are responsible for charges.

Hearing Aide(s), Eyeglasses, Dentures:
All hearing aides, eye glasses and dentures should be labeled with the resident’s name.

If you are having the facility handle laundry, please bring enough clothing for 7 days.  All articles will need to be labeled with the resident’s name.  Clothing is laundered off site on Tuesday & Friday.  All laundry is returned folded, or hangers and distributed to each individual resident’s room.

All personal clothing is washed in an industrial washing machine at a temperature of 180 degrees. Make sure your loved ones’ clothing is appropriate for washing and drying in these hot temperatures. Avoid bringing clothing that requires cold or warm water, special care, or is subject to damage and fading. If family wants to do the laundry please let us know and we would be happy to provide a hamper in your loved ones room.

**Laundry is covered for residents under Medicare.

Personal Supplies:
If you are providing personal supplies for your loved one, please make sure you list them in the resident supplies book at the nurses’ stations. This is to ensure that families and residents do not incur additional charges.

Beauty Shop/ Manicures:
Beauty shop is open every Thursday unless otherwise specified in the activity calendar. Contact Susan C. in Activities (562) 494-5001 to arrange for an appointment with the beautician.

Daily Activity Calendar & Newsletter:
Residents enjoy coffee & news every morning in the activity room. The mid-morning and afternoon activities can vary. A current copy of our activity calendar is posted in the main hallway and in each of the resident’s room.  A copy is mailed out monthly to our families with the billing. There are additional copies of the monthly newsletter and calendar at the nurse’s station.

Medications are ordered through Partner Healthcare Pharmacy. If you would like to get your medications through an outside pharmacy, it is the family’s responsibility to pick the medication in a timely manner. The nursing staff will notify the responsible party when medications are in need of refill. If medications are not brought in on time, the facility will order through Partner Healthcare Pharmacy and family will be billed.

Meal Times:
Breakfast: 8:00am
Lunch: 12:00pm
Dinner: 6:00pm
If a family member would like to join a resident for dinner, please let the dietary staff know one hour prior to first serving of each meal. The cost for a guest tray is $5.00 per person per tray.

Private Duty Caregivers:
If you decide to hire a private duty caregiver, please inform the Administrator or DON prior to hiring the caregiver. All persons working with residents must have a current physical, current Tuberculosis clearance and proof of liability insurance. If the caregiver is a certified nurse, please provide us with current CNA license and CPR card. Bel Vista can give referrals to agencies that comply with these State regulations and Bel Vista policies.

Prohibited items in resident rooms:
All medications, including over the counter medications such as aspirin, cough syrup, vitamins
Sharp objects including scissors, letter openers, knives
Aerosols cans, such as hair spray or perfumes. Pump style hair spray and body sprays are allowed

**If you have questions about prohibited items, please see the Director of Nursing or the Administrator
Our policy on outside food:
Families and guests are allowed to bring food from outside the facility for their loved one. Listed below are a few guidelines that we are required to follow by Federal regulations:

  • Only non-perishable food items can be stored in resident’s rooms in an air tight container.
  • It is your responsibility to keep the food you bring in at the proper temperature. Transport potentially hazardous foods properly in a cooler, with an ice pack, or in an insulator to keep cool during transport.
  • Any leftovers must be marked with a name and date and will be thrown out if not consumed in 2 days.
  • If food requires reheating, use the microwave back by the kitchen. Cold foods can be stored in the employee refrigerator in the employee break room.

**If you have any questions please stop by the nurses’ station and talk to nursing.

Visiting Hours/Visitor Protocol:
Our visiting hours are 11:00am-8:00pm. If you need to come outside of these hours please contact nursing to make arrangements. Also, if you take a resident out on pass, please notify nursing and sign out the resident in the “Release of Liability” log.

Visiting Pets:
Animals may be allowed to visit, but must remain on a leash at all times. We must have copies of each visiting pets shot records. No animals are allowed in the dining room areas during meal times.

Family members are responsible for transportation to medical appointments. Some families hire an outside care agency to assist with these appointments. Special outings for activity purposes are scheduled through the Activity Deparment.

Family Support Group:
Meets monthly on the 3rd Wednesday of every month from 2:30pm-3:00pm in the front room.

Problem Resolution:
If you have a concern or a problem with some aspect of care, or with the services in Bel Vista, please contact the person responsible for the appropriate department. If the problem is not resolved, please contact Kelly Conk, Administrator at (562) 494-5001.