Frequently Asked Questions


Who do I contact for a tour of the facility?
You can call and schedule a tour with the admissions coordinator or the Director of Nursing. If you are in the area, stop by.

Are there licensed nurses on duty around-the-clock?
As a skilled nursing facility, we provide 24 hour, 7 days per week licensed nursing staff.

What is included in the daily rate?
Depending on the level of care, charges may vary. Please click here to visit our page of services and charges.

How often will the physician come to see my loved one?
A physician is required to visit your loved one within 72 hours of admission and monthly thereafter. If requested by the resident or if your loved one becomes ill, the physician at their discretion may visit more often.

Do you have private rooms?

Yes, private rooms are available, but they are primarily utilized for isolation needs within the facility. If a private room or your desired room is not available at the time of request, you can ask to be placed on a waiting list for the next available room of your choice.

What are the visiting hours?

Our suggested visiting hours are from 11:00am – 8:00pm.

Visitor Protocol: After 8:00pm the facility is locked and secured for the safety of residents, staff and visitors. For visits after 8pm please contact the nurse’s station at 562-494-5001 to make arrangements for a visit.

A copy of our visitation policy is available upon request from the business office. Also, if taking a resident out on pass, please notify nursing and sign out the resident in the “Release of Liability” log, located at the nurse’s station.

Is smoking permitted in the facility?

For the safety and welfare of all residents and staff, we are a non-smoking facility.

What role does Social Services play?

Our social service team assists both residents and their families during transitional periods. They also provide essential information, manage requests and concerns, help in care and discharge planning for each resident. They can arrange professional services for: Dental, Vision, Podiatry, Audiology, Power of Attorney, Dementia assessment, Psychosocial and Psychiatric Evaluation, and Individual therapy.

Are residents allowed to have personal items in their room?
We encourage pictures and items of comfort to be brought in to make a more homelike and familiar environment for each individual.

Are your State Surveys available for review?
Bel Vista posts the most current Health Department survey for residents and guests to review. Survey results can also be viewed on

Where are you located and are you close to any hospitals?

Bel Vista is pleasantly located in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood that over looks Recreation Golf Park. We feel it is important for a family or friend to choose a facility that is not only convenient for the person(s) who will be visiting but also for the resident.  It is an important part of recovery to have the support of family and friends visits often.  It is also important for the friends and family to be nearby so they can be a part of the residents plan of care, participate in care conferences and respond quickly to emergencies.

Bel Vista is conveniently located near all local Long Beach hospitals. We are one mile from Long Beach Community Hospital, three miles from St. Mary’s Medical Center, four miles from Long Beach Memorial Medical Center and we are the closest skilled nursing facility in Long Beach to Los Alamitos Medical Center.

With which hospitals does Bel Vista affiliate?

Long Beach Memorial Hospital
2801 Atlantic Ave., Long Beach, CA 90806
tel  562-933-2000

Community Hospital of Long Beach
1720 Termino Ave, Long Beach, CA 90804
tel  562-498-1000

St. Mary’s Medical Center
1050 Linden Ave, Long Beach, CA 90813
tel  562-491-9000

Los Alamitos Medical Center
3751 Katella Ave., Los Alamitos, CA 90720
tel  562-598-1911

Pacific Hospital
2776 Pacific Ave., Long Beach, CA 90806
tel  562-595-1911

Lakewood Regional Medical Center
3700 East South Street, Lakewood, CA 90712
tel  562-531-2550

aff members.

What is an Ombudsman?

An Ombudsman is an advocate for residents. They are a third party person NOT employed by the facility who comes by the facility periodically to monitor the activities of the facility. They are not able to tell the facility what to do, but are able to be a voice for a resident with a concern.

Who do I talk to about questions in regard to financials, billing, and/or admission paperwork?

We employ a full time Business Office Manager for all financial and billing concerns. Should you have any questions regarding these matters please make an appointment to see our Business Office Manager by contacting the front desk/receptionist.

The Admissions Coordinator will guide you through the necessary forms required on admission and review the rules and regulations regarding Medicare, Medicaid and various insurances.