Nursing Services


Bel Vista Healthcare has long been recognized throughout the Long Beach community for its outstanding staff. Our capable and experienced staff, coupled with the intimate size of Bel Vista, helps foster a nursing environment not found in a more commercial health center. Many of our dedicated team of licensed nurses and caregivers have been a member of the Bel Vista Team for over 10 years. We are committed to person-centered care; therefore, we maintain the best nurse to patient ratios compared to other local facilities.

The following skilled nursing services are available at Bel Vista Healthcare Center:

  • Medical Director that coordinates and improves medical services
  • Director of Nursing oversees all aspects of healthcare within the facility
  • Post-Acute 24- hour Skilled Nursing Services
  • Individual resident care plan treatments
  • IV therapy
  • Dementia care
  • Wound care & Wound vac
  • Hospice & Respite care
  • Nutrition & hydration programs
  • Enteral feeding program- GT/NGT
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Catheter care
  • Ileostomy & Ostomy care
  • Medication management & education
  • Diabetic management & education
  • Restorative nursing
  • Pain management
  • Bowel & bladder programs
  • Pharmacy services
  • Laboratory services
  • X-ray services
  • Psychiatric counseling

Dementia Care

Our nurses work with the resident and resident’s family to create a comfortable environment including simple routines and visual cues as a positive substitute for diminishing mental processes.

Diabetes Management

Our experienced nurses provide help with all aspects of managing diabetes including: blood glucose monitoring, insulin administration and tracking, exercise plan, menu planning, education and more.

Restorative Nursing Program

In order to insure a better quality and function of life, Bel Vista Healthcare Center offers a restorative nursing program to all residents. Together, the therapy team and nursing staff, develop individualized treatment plans for resident care in the areas of:

  • Ambulation
  • Range of motion
  • Activities of daily living
  • Positioning and alignment
  • Skin integrity and wound management
  • Contracture management
  • Bowel and bladder training
  • Rehabilitative and social dining
  • Strengthening and restraint reduction
  • Weekly and monthly height and weight monitoring