Schedule an In-Person Visit

We are extremely excited to offer visitation again to our residents at Bel Vista Healthcare Center. Its been a tough year for our residents, families, and our staff not having the in-person interaction with all of you. For us to be able to open up visitation, there are strict guidelines that we must abide by to ensure we reduce the possibility of our residents being exposed to COVID-19.

Masks must be worn at all times and under no circumstances should they be removed.

If a resident is in our Yellow Zone (observation unit) full Personal Protective Equipment must be worn. This includes an N95 mask, face shield, gown, and gloves.

Food and drink may not be consumed during the visit. This is to ensure masks stay on.

Visits must be scheduled and must stay within the 45-minute time limit. This allows the team to ensure compliance with Public Health guidelines.

Social distancing is still very important. Please keep a 6ft distance when possible.

At Bel Vista Healthcare Center we are focused on keeping our residents safe and serving them. We are excited to welcome you back to our facility, but we ask they you help us follow these important guidelines.